self-love potion #9 : herbal fundraiser

lovepotion Score yourself a self love potion #9 from my favorite source for herbal wellness, Good Fight Herb Co, based out of the farmlands of upstate Germantown, New York. This is a fundraiser for the Healing Justice Practice Space, created by the Allied Media Conference. This space serves a broad and open community, offering massage therapy, energy work, community acupuncture, herbal therapy, counseling, first aid, art therapy, dance, yoga, and more.

Self love potion # 9 contains hawthorn berry leaf & flower, rose petal, motherwort, yarrow, raw honey, grain alcohol, prayers for a happy heart and healthy boundaries.

Suggested use: Use this potion to love and support yourself. Take 1 tbs as needed to keep your heart open and protected, your spirit held and supported, and your boundaries clear and healthy. Enjoy right off the spoon and repeat as needed.

$40 will get you four bangin’ one of a kind ounces to support your heart, make you feel foxy and help you love yourself fiercely – not to mention showing your love for healing justice.

Make your contribution and order your potion here.