sorted books : nina katchadourian

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Nina Katchadourian creates poetry and comedy from the spines of library books. Her collection of work is available in print: Sorted Books (about $14 from Amazon).

Nina describes how she began this project in 1993: I suddenly recalled a moment in the university library when, looking for a book, I had turned my head sideways as I walked down the stacks and thought how spectacular it would be if all the titles formed an accidental sentence when read one after the other in a long chain. Standing amidst the bookshelves in Half Moon Bay, my next move was simply to make this imaginary accident real. I spent days shifting and arranging books, composing them so that their titles formed short sentences. The exercise was intimate, like a form of portraiture, and it felt important that the books I selected should function as a cross section of the larger collection.









(*via Brain Pickings)