where did all the colors go? : adrien broom

broom-1 Photographer Adrien Broom dreamed up a project called Where did All the Colors Go? It's recently been backed on Kickstarter and I'm looking forward to watching it unfold.

Shot as still photography and simultaneously as a short video piece, Broom plans to make a children's book out of the images and concept. A darling little girl wakes up to a world void of color where everything is white. Bunnies, onions, frosting, clouds, snow. It's not just that everything is white, it's that there are only white things.

She then finds a doorway that leads to red, a brick road, roosters, red velvet cakes...and on it goes as the world of color opens up to her.

Enjoy this video teaser below and follow on Adrien's website for more images as they are completed. Each set takes a month to build and develop.