waimea canyon : alakai'i swamp trail

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Waimea Canyon on Kauai is one of most striking parts of the island, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific."

One of our best island adventures was a drive to the top of the canyon and then a long hike across the peak of the canyon's mountains crossing over the island through a swamp in the clouds. It was pure storybook sci-fi -- a magical trail that started with muddy slopes (EPIC mud), rambling up and down like a crazy slippery jungle gym.

After a couple miles, it transitioned into the Alakai'i Swamp and for the next 4 miles or so, the path was a wooden platform that wove through a wonderland of trees and lush swamp plants, up and down the mountain ridge slopes. We literally walked through clouds of mist and fog, visibility limited to ten feet at times. I think I said "gorillas in the mist" a few dozen times. Watch the mist here.