stockings with care : be a santa

My favorite organization to support at Christmas time is Stockings With Care.

Sign up with me and "Be a Santa"!

About Stockings with Care:

Stockings with Care works with families either living in homeless shelters or who are in jeopardy of becoming homeless and can not afford to celebrate their holiday. Social workers work with the parents to make their wish lists. These lists are passed on to Stockings with Care.

SWC makes sure that every child gets at least two things on their list and that each child has at least three gifts to open on Christmas morning by securing donations from people who sign up to be a Santa. Thousands of gifts are wrapped and delivered to the parents, empowering them to create magic for their kids.

Of course, lots of kids ask for what every kid wants - toys. But there are an equal number of requests for life's essentials. Clothes. Books. Strollers, Diapers. One year, a child even asked for dog food so that they didn't have to give up the family dog that they could no longer afford. SWC delivered a year's supply of dog food.

Sign up to sponsor a child's two gift wishes.

And/or volunteer to help pack it all up the weekend of December 8th.