Split Fountain : Sample Set

Split Fountain : Sample Set


This invitation is really remarkable. It is named "Split Fountain" for the unique and beautiful letterpress technique of combining two inks on the roll. You may think of ombre, or the subtle fade of one watercolor tone to the next but what actually happens is that these two different ink colors meet in the middle to blend into a new shade, producing a gradient of the two colors. It's really quite special and highlights the modern, swelling script, which is deeply impressed into the paper.

Samples are the best way for you to get a true feel for Paperfinger custom wedding invitations before placing your order with us.

Samples are complementary and ship to you at the cost of priority shipping only!

Printing method: Split fountain letterpress with two colors

Paper: 100% Cotton Cranes Lettra in Pearl White. 
Choose from standard or double thickness.

Size: 5" w | 7" h


Other pieces in this suite:

Reply Card (3.5 x 4 7/8)
Website/Info Card (2.75 x 3.5)
Outer Envelopes (A7)
Reply Envelopes (4Bar)

Contact us for any questions about adding custom components.


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