Modern Aligned : Sample Set

Modern Aligned : Sample Set


This invitation has a lightness, a freshness to it that we really love. It's an original caps Paperfinger lettering style, coupled with a relaxed script for the couple's names. A dusty plum color makes up the body text and the names and highlighted elements are presented in a warm peachy tone.

It's tidy, personal and friendly. There's a neatness to the caps lettering and a cool flow to how the words are aligned, varying in heights but consistent in strength. The entire piece is handwritten to order.

Samples are the best way for you to get a true feel for Paperfinger custom wedding invitations before placing your order with us.

Samples are complementary and ship to you at the cost of priority shipping only!

Printing method: Letterpress, 2 colors

Paper: 100% Cotton Cranes Lettra in Pearl White. 

Size: 5" w | 7" h

Ballpark pricing for 100 invitations, reply cards, outer and reply envelopes:

$1099 for digital printing; $1537 for one-color letterpress printing; $1890 for 2-color letterpress printing.


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