Custom-Made Satin Ribbon (100 yds)

Custom-Made Satin Ribbon (100 yds)


Wrap gifts with a personalized calligraphy ribbon, custom-made to order.
As featured in
Town & Country Magazine.

This is an extraordinarily elegant and double-face satin ribbon of the highest quality, adorned with Paperfinger calligraphy. Whether it is wrapped around a holiday parcel or tied on the neck of a wine bottle or jar, it is an distinctive and elegant finishing touch for all your gifts. It could even make a great present as is.

Each roll is continuously printed with a phrase of your choice, using hand-written calligraphy artwork that is created just for your order. Choose a unique classic or modern calligraphy style and a custom color scheme.


Ribbon is 7/8” wide and 100 yards long, enough to generously wrap over two dozen gifts. 

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Please note this product does not come gift wrapped.

Turnaround Time
Orders take about three weeks to arrive.



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